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Unique Sample Test

Unique Test Online is a free digital access provided to the students for assessment of their academic learning. This online testing system has been designed to facilitate students to practice subject matter through multiple choice tests. These test items cover science subjects including Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences. The Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) related to specific subjects are developed and updated by the team of relevant experts after proper validation and reliability tests. Questions are categorized according to their level of simplicity and complexity to help students maintain their progress for learning. A team of researchers keep on updating test at frequent intervals. Once students get themselves registered, it is easier for them to maintain their record of performance. Necessary details about the use of online test and FAQs help students and teachers understand the best use of Unique Test Online. It is an easy and open access for all students who aspire for high achievement in their academics. We anticipate maximum utilization of this learning resource by our teachers and students alike.

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